AI Foundations (Certificate Program)

AI Foundations certificate is a program for those interested in learning and acquiring knowledge and skills in AI from how to adopt different AI tools for work, how to maximize the capability of AI text generators, how to construct appropriate prompts (inputs) for desired outputs, and how to use AI image generators to expand your creativity.

This certificate programs consists of five self-paced courses. Click on each course below to register and start the training.

All five courses are required to obtain the certificate; however, each course can be taken in any order. You will have to register for each course individually. Once all five courses are completed, the AI Foundations Certificate will be issued into your myTraining account in the "Training Transcript" section.

There are no additional steps needed to register for this certificate.

For the AI Image Generators training you can choose to do the self-paced version (above) or the live one via Zoom.

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Faculty, Staff, Student, TA / Grad Asst


Online: self-paced

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