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UF users are expected to abide by the UF Privacy Policy, The UF Acceptable Use Policy, The UF Intellectual Property Policy, the UF Copyright information, and the requirements of federal and state laws such as FERPA and HIPAA governing the protection of information in ELS.  For more information on these policies, please  review the e-Learning supported services.


e-Learning is the centrally supported course management system at UF. e-Learning is powered by Canvas, an advanced learning management system. Canvas was created by Instructure.

e-Learning provides a secure online system for student submissions and assessments, posting grades and content, and communication among class participants. e-Learning also supports researchers, staff, and students who can create Project Sites for collaboration, document management, and communication. A GatorLink account is required to access e-Learning.

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Keep Data Secure

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) website – Fast Path solutions has a comprehensive list of approved pre-assessed software and computing environments.