Survey Tools for Non-Research

Dive into the world of Microsoft Forms and Google Forms in this 1.5 hour live web-training and master the creation, modification, distribution, and management of surveys and forms using your UF cloud

This interactive session will guide you in constructing and customizing your own surveys, and help you understand the nuances of sections and branching for a personalized survey experience. Furthermore, you will acquire the knowledge for successful survey distribution and how to visualize and export participant responses.

The training offers an engaging environment where participants will gain practical skills through real-time exercises and activities. By the end of the session, you will be equipped with all the essential tools to effectively utilize Microsoft Forms and Google Forms, ultimately enhancing your data collection and analysis capabilities.

Time Commitment

1.5 hours

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Who's it for?

Faculty, Staff, Student, TA / Grad Asst


Online: facilitated

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