EITA: Electronic Information Technology Accessibility at UF

In this overview training, you will learn how you can support inclusiveness and equal access to electronic information. You'll see where to find helpful resources, identify key policy points, and review how to apply accessibility standards.


  • Explain the salient points of the EITA policy and how it applies to your work
  • Articulate your role in supporting accesssibiltiy and inclusion at the Unviersity of Florida
  • Identify and apply WCAG 2.0 A and AA standards
  • Support or initate accomodation requests
  • Recall UF EIT Accessibility resources and support tools
  • Design an action plan to improve EIT Accessibility in your area

Time Commitment

One hour

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Who's it for?

Faculty, Staff, TA / Grad Asst


Online: self-paced

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