SPSS and SamplePower 3 User Training Course

In this practical training course, participants will learn to use SPSS and SamplePower 3 software packages through practical application and hands-on exercises. This course does not teach statistics, rather how to use SPSS software to further research. A functional knowledge of graduate-level statistics is recommended.

Appropriate coursework examples:
STAT 6126 and STAT 6127
 ALS 5932
EDF 6402
EDF 6403
HLP 6515
STA 6166

Session Topics:

  • Data preparation and exploratory data analysis (required)
  • Inferential statistics for the mean and the median
  • ANOVA and simple linear regression
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Inferential statistics for the proportion
  • Logistic regression

Participation in Data Preparation and Exploratory Data Analysis is required. Learners can attend subsequent sessions according to their interest.  Participants who commit to the full seven-week sessions receive priority seating.

SPSS Course Syllabus


Use the registration button to register for upcoming sessions, identify statistical analysis with which you are familiar and select your session(s) of interest. The trainer will contact participants to confirm registration.  Cohorts are capped at 20 participants.

This training is open to faculty, staff, graduate students and graduate assistants.

Undergraduate students interested in SPSS can complete the SPSS basic course with Lynda.com, or contact Dr. David Schwieder (dschwieder@uflib.ufl.edu) at Library West for SPSS assistance.

Time Commitment

Classroom: Seven 3-hour sessions plus independent work.

Online: Coming Spring 2019



Who's it for?

Faculty, Staff, TA / Grad Asst


Classroom event

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