Running Graphical applications on HiPerGator with Xpra

Users can run applications with graphical user interfaces (GUI) on HiPerGator in the SLURM GUI partition. Xpra is the software we use to connect to the graphics window of the application running on HiPerGator from your local computer. These videos walk through setting up and connecting to Xpra sessions.

This session will cover the newly release gui/2* module which allows users to connect to graphical sessions on HiPerGator from their web browser. We will also demonstrate connecting using OpenOnDemand, a new technology that Research Computing is testing for GUI access to the cluster. This is a hands-on session in which learners will view and practice with the GUI.


Xpra Mac Walkthrough

Xpra Windows Walkthrough

Time Commitment

Classroom: 1 Hour

Webinar: 1 Hour



Who's it for?

Faculty, Staff


Classroom event, Webinar, Tutorial

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