Qualtrics @UF Series

Learn to create, edit, distribute and manage reports using Qualtrics, UF's centrally-supported survey tool. By completing both Getting Started and Beyond the Basics, participants will earns a Qualtrics Certificate.

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Qualtrics @UF: Getting Started

The first in a two-part series in this workshop participants will learn how to create and edit a basic survey, when and how to utilize Page Break and Block, and how to effectively distribute surveys, view results and finally manage reports.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice through hands-on activities throughout the class.

Time Commitment

2 hours

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Qualtrics @UF: Beyond the Basics

The second in the two-part series, in this one-hour workshop we will dive deeper in the Qualtrics advanced functions.  Participants will learn how to use skip, display, branch logics, and  question randomization.  Through hands-on exercises, participants will develop advanced surveys and practice customizing surveys using piped text and embedded data. 

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Who's it for?

TA / Grad Asst, Faculty, Staff


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