Peer Review in e-Learning

This workshop introduces the best practices of online peer review. Participants will emerge with a full understanding of the mechanics, advantages and limitations of the peer review feature in UF e-Learning. We highly recommend attending also The Power of Rubrics in e-Learning to gain a full understanding of peer review employed in tandem with rubric-based evaluation.

 If you opt not to participate in The Power of Rubrics in e-Learning, we recommend that you come to the workshop with a working knowledge of how to create, modify, and attach rubrics to graded items in Canvas. This will facilitate your participation in training activities.

Participants are also encouraged to register in advance for a canvas demo corse - a mock Canvas environemnt where aprticpants can experiment witht eh features of peer reivew without affecting live students in the UF e-learninng system.

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Who's it for?

TA / Grad Asst, Faculty


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