e-Learning @UF Series

Trainers guide the application of course design best practices and management strategies to help instructors deliver online courses that are efficient and student-friendly. Successful completion of all sessions earns an UF e-Learning Certificate.

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e-Learning@UF: Build & Design

Learn how to create and update an online course on UF’s e-learning system. In this hands-on training, certified trainers will guide participants on how to create an engaging online course. With an eye towards best practices, participants will learn how to:

  • Make a course request
  • Navigate and edit both global and course navigations
  • Message students and course members
  • Link, upload, manage, and embed content
  • Create and publish pages, assignments, quizzes and discussions boards
  • Employ organizational modules
  • Upload and manage a syllabus
  • Export/import course content
Time Commitment

3 hours

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e-Learning@UF: Facilitate & Engage 

Are you new to e-learning at UF or wondering how to facilitate a pre-created course?  In this training, participants will actively engage with the e-learning interface from instructor perspective and explore the powerful tools for providing effective feedback and assessing student progress. Trainers will share best practices related to:

  • Editing existing content
  • Managing the gradebook
  • Streamline grading with speed grader
  • Communicating efficiently with students
  • Managing groups and peer reviews
  • Conferencing online
  • Tracking student activity
Time Commitment

2.5 hours

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Note: To get most out of this training, users should be familiar with tools used to build and design an online course on UF’s e-learning system. Please review the content of elearning@UF: Build & Design. 

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Who's it for?

TA / Grad Asst, Faculty, Staff


Live Workshop, Online Workshop: Facilitated