Best Practices for Group work in e-learning

Group work is an aspect of online learning that best practice seems to always push; but instructors and learners are often dissatisfied with the results. Why? Lopsided participation, unclear expectations and poorly constructed assignments are among the common culprits. In this workshop, you will learn how to design a great group assignment with built-in individual accountability and manageable feedback mechanisms using UF’s e-Learning system.

You will first explore the vocabulary and critical components of successful group work. Expert facilitators will share best practices and guide hands-on practice with the steps of making groups, assigning tasks and grading group members individually and as a team.   At the end of this event, you will feel confident using the many group and collaboration tools found in e-Learning with your own students.

Prior to arrival, register for a canvas demo course at

The demo course is loaded with mock students, creating a safe practice environment separate from live UF student data!



Who's it for?

TA / Grad Asst, Faculty, Staff


Live Workshop